Opportunity and risk along China's Belt and Road Initiative

A survey report by the Singapore Business Federation and the Economist Corporate Network, said that over 80 per cent of business leaders polled in the region agreed or strongly agreed that China's Belt and Road Initiative represented an opportunity, though over 75 per cent claimed to be either very concerned or moderately concerned about its political risk, transparency and governance.

This report was released at the annual Singapore Regional Business Forum on August 15th, 2017.

Out of 77 business leaders polled in the region in June, 45.3 per cent said that their company "is unclear about what the opportunity might be at this point".

"The lack of detail and vagueness is a challenge for companies who are interested in investing and want to evaluate the opportunities presented by the BRI," wrote the Economist Corporate Network in its report.

The survey suggested that the BRI would benefit if China could share more details with the business community.

The full report is available for download here: