Public Perceptions of China in Indonesia: The Indonesia National Survey
Despite increasingly close relations between Indonesia and China, concerns about Chinese investments and workers, as well as developments i
Trudeau’s China Trade Mission Risks Upending Canadian Alliances
OTTAWA, BEIJING, BLOOMBERG -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting China in an effort to boost Canadian trade ties, opening a door his
The Fruit That Smells Like Gym Socks Is Skyrocketing in China
KUALA LUMPUR, BLOOMBERG -- China's love of a pungent, football-sized thorny fruit is skyrocketing, and Malaysia wants a piece of it.
Hong Kong's CK Asset steers clear of Belt and Road
HONG KONG, REUTERS -- CK Asset Holdings is avoiding investment in countries included in China's Belt and Road initiative at this stage beca
HNA Considers Asset Sales, Signals Reversal of Buying Spree

BEIJING, BLOOMBERG -- HNA Group Co. Chief Executive Officer Adam Tan said the Chinese conglomerate is considering selling assets, signaling the...

Serbia starts construction of Chinese-funded railway to Budapest

BELGRADE, REUTERS -- Serbia began work on a China-funded railway line on Tuesday to try to improve the Balkan country's infrastructure, an effort...

Chinese premier offers billions more to Eastern Europe
BUDAPEST, AFP -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made clear Monday that China would keep pouring billions of euros into central and eastern Euro
China, wary of market risks, likely to keep GDP target in 2018 - policy sources

BEIJING, REUTERS -- China's leaders are likely to maintain this year's growth target of "around 6.5 percent" in 2018, even as they ratchet up...

The wheels are now in motion for the South-east Asia railway network

HSBC INSIGHTS -- The upcoming Asean Summit in Manila – in the bloc's 50 th year – is an opportune time to take stock of what's needed to...

China grants economic aid to Djibouti

BEIJING, REUTERS - China on Thursday offered loans to Djibouti, the site of its first overseas military base, as the Horn of Africa state's leader...