BreadTalk Group's JV opens Singapore's first TaiGai store

BreadTalk Group's JV opens Singapore's first TaiGai store, a tea specialty brand from China, and to open another 9 outlets in Singapore and Thailand.

BreadTalk Group Limited announced on 21 May 2018 that it has through the Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Together Inc Pte. Ltd. entered into a joint-venture (“JV”) agreement with Shenzhen Pindao Food & Beverage Management Co Ltd (“Pindao”) to incorporate BTG-Pindao Venture Pte. Ltd. (“BTG-Pindao”).

BTG-Pindao will operate and manage the popular tea beverage brands TaiGai and Nayuki in Singapore and Thailand, with a first right of refusal to operate in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines.

Founded in 2015, TaiGai originated from Shenzhen, China. Its name pays tribute to Taiwan, the place where milk crowns were first invented; and ‘Gai’ representing its iconic MILKY KISS.

Perfecting the art of balancing milk-cheese to fruit ratio with precision, TaiGai became the first brand to popularize the fruit-blended milk cheese crowns, FRUITY MILKY KISS - a rich yet refreshing topping that perfectly complements its pulpy fruit-blended teas.

Since then, the brand opened over 60 stores in China alone and revolutionised the Chinese tea scene with fresh fruits used predominately in the teas. TaiGai is careful to retain its natural fragrance and sweetness to complement the taste and aroma of each cup of tea. It’s simple and playful store atmosphere has also made TaiGai one of the most popular hangout spots amongst consumers around town.

Today, the first TaiGai flagship store officially opens at NEX Serangoon shopping mall.

With the opening, TaiGai is set to liven up the current specialty tea market in Singapore with their own signature offerings and healthier tea options using mainly fresh fruits and premium quality teas in their concoctions.

On the official opening of TaiGai’s first flagship store, Mr Henry Chu, Group Chief Executive Officer says, "We are excited to bring this exciting and refreshing tea beverage experience to our consumers in Singapore. In recent years, there is a rising demand for novelty tea beverages with different brands mushrooming around our city state. I believe that through our strong operational track record and brand management experience, we are optimistic of delivering the iconic TaiGai’s MILKY KISS and FRUITY MILKY KISS drinks to capture the hearts and taste buds of consumers.”

Following the opening of the first TaiGai flagship store today, the Group plans to open another nine TaiGai stores in Singapore and Thailand next year.