Sansiri and BCPG Introduce First-Of-Its-Kind Smart Green Energy Community in Southeast Asia

Sansiri and BCPG is introducing T77, a first-of-its-kind smart green energy community in Southeast Asia.

T77 generates clean energy for up to 20% of the community's overall electricity needs, lowers CO2 emissions on par with 400 rai (64 sq ha) of forest, and helps Sansiri residents cut electricity bills by 15%.

BCPG, a regional leader in renewable energy, in cooperation with leading Thai real estate developer Sansiri, and Power Ledger, the world's leader in the development of renewable energy trading platforms, have joined forces to launch the world's largest real-time, blockchain-based, peer-to-peer, renewable energy trading project at Town Sukhumwit 77 (T77) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The model community project, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, begins operating officially in September 2018.

Through the project, residents become "prosumers" who both consume and produce energy. Excess energy may even be sold to others within the community and beyond.

The project allows residents to use "Low Cost, Low Carbon" electricity, helps them to reduce electricity bills for an expected savings of up to 15%, lowers CO2 emissions by approximately 530 tons per year, the equivalent of 400 rais of forest, and generates clean energy for up to 20% of the T77 community's overall electricity needs.

The T77 project pairs cutting-edge solar rooftop technology with a blockchain-based, peer-to-peer energy trading platform tailored to suit each of Sansiri's residential developments.

Initially, solar energy will be consumed at each location, granting residents immediate access to low cost energy. As each unit and building differs in its consumption of energy, surplus energy in one location can be traded to cover deficits elsewhere, optimizing energy consumption across the T77 grid.

Energy in excess of the system's storage capacity is transferred to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority's (MEA) power grid. When required, electricity can be purchased on a peer-to-peer platform from either T77 or the MEA. The blockchain-based system enables these transactions to take place in real time, matching buyer and seller at split-second speed. BCPG's trading application is available for use on both computer and mobile phone.

Intended as a blueprint for future developments, the T77 model offers a unique and sustainable living experience for residents while at the same time adding value to existing power infrastructure as well as assistance in future planning at the macro level. A first of its kind project in Southeast Asia, T77 empowers consumers, communities and energy providers to work together to create a sustainable, green energy future.