BreadTalk Group partners Wu Pao Chun Bakery for Strategic Expansion into Singapore and Hong Kong

BreadTalk Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Together Inc Pte. Ltd., enters with a majority 80% stake into a joint venture with WPC holding the remaining 20% to operate the Wu Pao Chun brand of bakeries in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The first Wu Pao Chun bakery under this joint-venture agreement is expected to open in Capitol Piazza in 2019.

Singapore and Hong Kong are well known globally for their vibrant and dynamic dining scenes with a cosmic selection of bakery brands. Consumers in both cities have an appreciation for authentic, high quality bakery products and experience.

Wu Pao Chun Bakery has three flagship stores with thematic appeals centering on the Arts, Theatre and Nature in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung serving up iconic products from Wu Pao Chun include the award-winning bread "Taiwan Longan with Red Wine Bread" and "Taiwan Litchi Rose Champion Bread".

Dr George Quek, Chairman of BreadTalk Group says, "It has been a meaningful journey since the signing of our first JV agreement with WPC on 12 March 2018. We identified common synergies with WPC and co-invested time, people and resources to ensure the success of our flagship Wu Pao Chun bakery in Shanghai that is scheduled to open in November 2018. We look forward to leverage on our market knowledge of Singapore and Hong Kong to serve our fans in these cities with Wu Pao Chun's award-winning bread series."

Sharing the excitement on BreadTalk Group's capabilities, Mr Wu Pao Chun, Founder of Wu Pao Chun Bakery says, "It's our honor to partner BreadTalk Group for the second phase of our international growth plan. We learnt key insights from our collaboration with BreadTalk Group
since March and look forward to embarking on this successful journey together in Singapore and Hong Kong."