Singapore-based ISOTeam collaborates with Thai company to market energy saving solutions for buildings

ISOTeam Ltd., an eco-conscious player in Singapore's building maintenance and estate upgrading industry, has entered into a collaboration agreement with Bangkok-based technology and engineering company Centerlise Co., Ltd. and GIV Global Investment Ventures Pte Ltd, to be the exclusive distributor and installation partner of Centerlise's products in Singapore.

The Agreement, inked by ISOTeam's 65.9%-owned subsidiary ISO-Integrated M&E Pte. Ltd., will allow the Group to exclusively distribute and install Centerlise's air centre hardware and equipment as well as its software systems locally.

Centerlise's advanced algorithm cloud-based softwares automatically fine tunes air conditioning and water systems resulting in up to 30% in utility savings while maintaining optimum performance. Its application is compatible with any building with central air conditioning or chiller plants.

Mr Anthony Koh, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of ISOTeam said, "Centerlise's technology is highly applicable in this day and age as climate change takes centre stage. There is a stronger push towards energy saving and environmentally friendly methodologies. In Singapore, this is further supported by the Building and Construction Authority's recent announcement that it was intensifying the thrust towards greener commercial buildings by launching the 'Green Mark for Super Low Energy' movement. I am very excited to now expand our service offerings by taking on the role of exclusive distributor and installation partner for Centerlise's groundbreaking energy saving solutions."